Courvoisier De Luxe Limited Edition 70cl

Courvoisier De Luxe Limited Edition 70cl

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Courvoisier De Luxe

"Courvoisier de Luxe" cognac is inspired by the spirit of the Paris golden age, famous for its blend of art, glamour and decadence. Double maturation helps to achieve rich and complex notes of vanilla and dried fruits. Courvoisier de Luxe is encouraged to be enjoyed neat due to its elegant oak finish, and is also delicious with a simple mixer, garnished with an orange or lemon wedge for a refreshing finish. 
Producing Courvoisier® is a delicate Blend of Art and Science that combines old techniques with new technologies. Courvoisier® remains the only Cognac house to control the entire process from grape to glass. Nurturing close relationships with over 800 vine growers ensures the grapes used to make our Cognac are the finest from the Cognac region. 

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